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Heading 4

Dear DESOD Families,

I wanted to send this note as we move forward into some uncharted waters created by the COVID-19 situation.  It is a challenging time for our community and we are so thankful for your support as we march forward.  I know that we will make it through successfully by working together and supporting one another. Over the past few days the care and support that have been shared by many of you have been a shining example of what our DESOD dance family stands for and why we exist. The most important thing is that we all stay healthy and safe.  We are going to get through this together!  

As you know, our governor has ordered schools to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Acting responsibly, we will also close starting Monday, March 16, and hopefully can resume classes on Monday, April 6.  We want to keep life as normal as possible for our dancers, both young and old, during the break so our faculty has developed a plan to keep our students dancing and continuing to progress during the break.  Next week, we will be videoing choreography for each class  and emailing and posting on a private YouTube channel so our dancers can review what they’ve already been taught, learn additional choreography, and can practice at home.

You will be getting lots of messages from us in the coming days!!!  We will send out recital music and technique tutorials plus recital and costume info.  We suggest that you plan regular times for your dancers to practice.  Students do better when they stick to a schedule.  You can plan your “at home class” during your regular class time or choose a different time that works with your schedule.  Even better, you can schedule additional times to dance!!  Our faculty will work hard to ensure that you receive good value for your investment in our classes. I know that with your help we can make this unique situation work. 

As I mentioned earlier, classes will not be held through March 15 and will resume April 6.  To accommodate for the time off:
1.One of the weeks off is Spring Break which was already planned as a week off per our school year calendar.
2.We have an additional week padded into our schedule at the end of the semester right before our recital that will account for the second week off. Fortunately we haven’t had to use it for snow days this season!
3.Additional makeups will be via our online materials. 

Our recital rehearsals and performances remain scheduled as planned, June 7-13.   Costumes have been ordered and I know you are going to love our choices for this year’s production, “The Music that Makes us Dance”!! (You might get  a “sneak peek" of this year’s awesome costumes!  Keep your eyes open!!).
As we move forward let us all be mindful of the fact that in life,  there are things we can’t control and things we can.  Don’t forget what we do have control over……hope and perspective.  We are resilient and we are part of a strong community.   With our positive strength and prayers, we will get through this ....and your DESOD family will continue to share the gift of dance!

Be vigilant and stay healthy and safe!!

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for placing 1st Runner-Up Mr. Dance of America


Stephen is one of our hardest workers, and represented himself and DESOD with great pride and we are all so PROUD of him!

Way to go STEPHEN!


for being awarded TEEN MR. DANCE OF OHIO 2020


Nate has been such a tremendous addition to our AP Program.  His high energy, and willingness to challenge himself on a daily basis is so motivating to all DESOD! We are so PROUD of you Nate! 

Nate will compete for Teen Mr. Dance of America this Summer


Unleashing the Artist in You

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