Advanced Placement

As an industry-leading Dance Company, DESOD believes in engaging with the community and embracing the talents of our local aspiring artists. Our goal is to offer audiences nationwide a chance to experience a large variety of dazzling productions and to provide our AP students a higher form of dance education.


Is your child ready to explore all forms of movement and challenge themselves....are you ready for a greater commitment to dance? If so, we would love to invite you to our AP Competition Program.

AP dancers attend multiple classes each week and dance with local civic groups, in numerous dance competitions and every night in our end of the year recital production. DESOD is proud to be a member of Dance Master's of America, which provides us the opportunity to bring quality dance instruction and to educate each dancer in a nurturing and self exploring environment.  Our staff believes that the lessons of determination, teamwork and dedication learned in the dance studio will help them become well-rounded individuals.


Auditions for the 2021-2022 season have closed

Season Highlights

We are so excited for another amazing season with our talented dancers! 

In the fall we were thrilled to take some of our soloists to NUVO, Ohio Dance Masters, and NYCDA

Fall competition recap- we were thrilled to take some of our solos to several competitions this fall. 

At Nuvo- Avery, Tate, and Kyler all received class awards! 

Ohio Dance Masters- we were thrilled that all our dancers who participated in scholarship classes received an award! Congratulations to Savannah, Chloe, Paxton, Haley (5th in 3 disciplines) Kendall (4th in 3 disciplines) Clare (3rd in 3 disciplines) Hadley, Briley, Jennifer, Shelby, Afton, Kyler (1st in 3 disciplines) Tate (1st in 4 disciplines) Hadley, Sophia (4th in 3 disciplines) and Taylor (2nd in 3 disciplines) 

In the solo portion of ODM all our dancers were beautiful! Congratulations to Paxton, Clare, Kendall, Haley, Kyler, Jennifer, and Taylor on your special awards, and congratulations to Afton, Kyler, and Taylor on receiving High Point Ribbons 

Our last competition for the fall was NYCDA. We were so proud of all of our soloists- including Taylor who placed 20th in Senior solos and was Outstanding Dancer Runner-Up! Another congratulations goes to Reece, Kendall, and Paxton who were Outstanding Dancer Finalist, and Elizabeth Sweat who received a Tap class award. 

Congratulations to all our amazing dancers who participated in solo competitions this fall! We can’t wait to bring solos and groups to competitions this spring!!

Season Highlights

In such difficult times for our dancers and families we are so proud of the determination and perseverance our dancers showed all year long, and we are amazed at the growth in our dancers over this difficult year. 

Nationals at Beyond the Stars
Cincinnati, OH
comp 1.png

We hit the ground running during the Dance Masters of Ohio Regional Dance Competition in November! All of our groups and soloists had a very successful weekend and we are so proud of all our AP dancers!  

Our group numbers were awarded Platinum Awards and our Duet,

"Girl From the North Country" with Stephen Davis and Sophia Cooper, was awarded First Overall in the Regional Championship! 

In January, some of our AP Dancers traveled to Cherry Valley, Ohio for the Dance Masters of America Title and Scholarship Competition.  We had so many wonderful moments with our dancers and they all danced beautifully.  We could not have asked for a better weekend with many being their first Solo Competition! 

Our cherry on top of such a successful weekend was Nate Krohmer winning Ohio Dance Master's Teen Mr. Dance 2020! 

Afton Cornelius was awarded Most Talented Non-Finalist in ODM’s Junior Miss Dance Title Competition! 

Stephen Davis participated in ODM’s Scholarship auditions and was awarded a full ride to Point Park University’s Summer Intensive from Point Park faculty member Kiesha Lalama plus a scholarship to Tremaine Workshop!

Hadley Roach received the Shining Star Award in Kiesha Lalama’s energetic Musical Theater Class!! 

We can't wait to see what else our DESOD Dancers will do this Competition Season!

2019-2020 Competition Season

Due to COVID-19, two Regional Competitions and our

Summer Nationals were canceled

We were so lucky to have Broadway Star and So You Think You Can Dance winner Melanie Moore back in our studio for three days of Master Classes last fall.


Her fun sweet spirit was shared with all our AP dancers, from our youngest to our oldest. It was an amazing three days and our dancers learned so much from this incredibly talented performer.


Thank you, Melanie for spending your time with us and sharing your knowledge, talent, and love for dance with our students and teachers.

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2018-2019 Solo Title Winners

These are only the highlights.  All our Soloists had a very successful season

pic 3.jpg

Stephen Davis: Mr. Dance of Ohio, Mr. DEA/Knoxville and 1st Runner-Up Mr. Dance of America 


Audrey Zahn: 2nd Runner-Up Miss Dance of Ohio and Teen Miss DEA/Knoxville


Savannah Cooper: 3rd Runner-Up Miss Dance of Ohio


Victoria Antoniou: 6th Runner-Up Miss Dance of Ohio and Miss DEA/Knoxville (Director's Award)


Paxton Davis: Small Fry Miss DEA/Knoxville


Briley Davis: Junior Miss DEA/Knoxville

2018-2019 Competition Season

Some of our highlights from this seasons Dance Competitions 


We were honored to receive many awards at the national and regional levels.  Some of our proudest accomplishments include:


Stephen Davis: 1st Runner-Up Mr. Dance of America 

12 and Under DMA Grand National Championship: In The Garden of Statues, Make 'Em Laugh 

13 and Over DMA Grand National Championship: Syncopation in Blue, Les Miserables, Fairy Doll, Piano Man, The Box 

The Box: 1st Overall Group Grand National Championship 

Briley Davis: 6th Place- 11/12 Year Olds 

Avery Brewer: 14th Place - 13/14 Year Olds

Ashley Frazier: 14th Place - 15/16 Year Olds

Savannah Cooper: 13th Place - 16/17 Year Olds

Audrey Zahn: 10th Place (Tied) - 16/17 Year Olds

Victoria Antoniou: 10th Place (Tied) - 16/17 Year Olds

Brennan Shackelford: 10th Place (Tied) - 16/17 Year Olds

Syncopation in Blue: 6th Place - 15/16 Year Olds Duet/Trio

Fairy Doll: 5th Place - 15/16 Year Olds Duet/Trio

Night at the Roxbury: 1st Place - 15/16 Year Olds Group

The Box: 1st Place - 17/18 Year Olds Group

Step In Time: 4th Place - 15/16 Year Olds Extended Line 

For Rosa: 2nd Place - 15/16 Year Olds Extended Line

Piano Man: 1st Place - 15/16 Year Olds Extended Line

Specialty Awards: Paxton Davis Solo, Shelby Lucas Solo, Polar Express, and Ugly Bug Ball




Ohio Dance Masters

Mr. Dance of Ohio: Stephen Davis






Syncopation in Blue: 1st Overall Teen Duo/Trio – Starquest

The Fitness Maniacs: 1st Overall Senior Large Group – Starquest

The Fall: 1st Overall Senior Line – Starquest

Les Miserables: 1st Overall Teen/Senior Mega Line and Apogee Winner – Starquest

Night at The Roxbury: 1st Overall Senior Small Group – Starquest

In The Garden of Statues: 1st Overall Junior Small Group – Starquest and DEA

Pots and Pans: 1st Overall Senior Large Group – Starquest

Make ‘Em Laugh: 1st Overall Junior Line – DEA

Piano Man: 1st Overall Teen Line – DEA

Shakin’ The Blues Away at the Holiday Inn: 1st Overall Senior Production – DEA

A Ride on the Polar Express: 1st Overall Junior Line – DEA

The Chain: 1st Overall Teen Duet/Trio – DEA

Buroque and Blue: 1st Overall Teen Small Group – DEA

Friend Like Me: 1st Overall Teen Large Group and Apogee Winner – Starquest

Step In Time: 1st Overall Teen Large Group – DEA

The Box: 1st Overall Senior Small Group – DEA

Times Up: 1st Overall Senior Large Group - DEA




Choreography and Specialty Awards


Diana Evans School of Dance was awarded the Select Studio of Excellence Award – Starquest

The Chain: Senior Fusion Award – Starquest

The Ugly Bug Ball: Petite Odyssey Award – Starquest

Step In Time: Senior Odyssey Award – Starquest and Presidents Award - DEA

In The Garden of Statues: IDA People’s Choice Award – Starquest

The Grand Piano (Victoria Antoniou Solo): National Directors Award – DEA

For Rosa: 1st Overall Senior Large Group and Choreography Award - ODM  



These are only the highlights!
All our soloists had a very successful season!


Natalie Scolf: Miss Dance of Ohio 2017 and Miss DEA/Knoxville

Audrey Zahn: 4th Runner-Up Miss Dance of Ohio and Teen Miss DEA/Knoxville

Aaron Choate: 1st Runner-Up Mr. Dance of America and Mr. DEA/Knoxville

Stephen Davis: Teen Mr. DEA/Knoxville

Taylor McCardle: Pre-Teen Miss DEA/Knoxville

Jennifer Cheser: Junior Miss DEA/Knoxville