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Illness Safety and Cleaning Protocol 

At Diana Evans School of Dance the health and safety of our families and staff is our highest priority. Our cleaning and safety protocol is as follows:

Cleaning Procedures

  • Floors are throughly cleaned at the start and finish of each day, and spot cleaned between each class. 

  • Barres, door handle, railings and other high touch surfaces are throughly cleaned between each class.  

  • Cleaning products used are hospital grade, and recommended by the CDC.

Entering and Exiting the building

  • Dancers and staff must clean their hands upon entering the building. 

  • Outside shoes are not to be worn in the dance rooms. 

  • Dancers are encouraged to use the restroom before arriving at the studio.

  • All waiting rooms and dressing rooms are closed.

  • Parents and families are not permitted in the building at this time. 

Safe and healthy dance class

  • According to the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, the COVID-19 levels in our community have reached the point where it is safe for face masks to be optional. Starting March 15, at DESOD, face masks will not be required in our classes. We support and encourage those of you who prefer to remain masked to do so, and will continue to implement our hand sanitization and cleaning protocol as well as continuing to limit the capacity of people in our building. If students are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, we urge them to stay home.

  • If a dancer feels overheated or needs to remove their mask, they may go to a designated area and do so.

  • Class sizes are reduced to comply with capacity and social distancing standards.

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